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Monthly Archives: December 2012

An Interview with Jon McBride and the Hidden Facts behind his FBAR Judgment!

Anthony Parent's post FBAR Defendant Jon McBride warns others to come clean regarding his interview with Jon McBride about the facts surrounding his FBAR penalty judgment is worth reading. What he did could have happened to anybody. Victimized in a ponzi-scheme, he claims the IRS taxed him on income he never received. And then because he…
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IRS SFR Unit Not Accepting International Case Closures

In SBSE-05-1112-086, Scott Reisher, Director, Collection Policy, instructed the ASFR unit not to currently accept international standalone case closures. This memorandum indicates that all cases meeting Automatic Substitute For Return criteria (ASFR), will be referred to IRS's campus in Memphis, Tenn. The ASFR Unit is currently not accepting international standalone del ret closures under IRM All Cases meeting…
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Amazon's Billion Dollar Tax Dodge.

LUXEMBOURG, Dec 6 (Reuters) - In 2005, Amazon rented a historic five-story building in Luxembourg's Grund quarter, right at the bottom of a steep rock-walled valley below the old town. By setting up in Luxembourg, and channeling sales through its units there, the world's biggest online retailer could minimize corporate taxes. Amazon's Luxembourg arrangements have…
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Switzerland Agrees to US FATCA Implementation!

Switzerland has agreed to comply with U.S. disclosure rules on offshore accounts controlled by Americans set for 2014, Swiss president Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf said on Tuesday."We have initialled the agreement," Widmer-Schlumpf said in parliament in response to questions from lawmakers, without providing further details. The agreement, which will come up for final government approval in January,…
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