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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Psychic, Son of Famous Psychic Sylvia Browne, Fails to Foresee IRS Audit & Assessment?

In Dufresne v.Commissioner, Christopher Dufresne a High-Income Psychic, failed to foresee his IRS Audit, their detection of $1,505,546 of unreported deposits, and $101,866 in penalties plus litigation expenses. Christopher Dufresne’s mother was Sylvia Browne, a well-known psychic who appeared on television, wrote books, and gave lectures. During the years in issue petitioner worked full time as a psychic counselor…
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Commissioner Rettig Wants IRS Audits To 'Touch Every Neighborhood'

According to Law360, The Internal Revenue Service should “touch every neighborhood” in choosing which taxpayers to audit, IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said Monday in Philadelphia. The agency should be able to target different ZIP codes and types of cases in order to increase the rate of voluntary compliance, Rettig said during the 30th Annual Philadelphia…
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IRS Sets Up a Criminal Investigation Team for Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

The US Internal Revenue Service has set up a criminal investigation team to investigate whether Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are being used to evade taxes, according to news agency Bloomberg. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service, fresh off its success in uncovering U.S. assets hidden in Swiss banks, has assigned elite criminal agents to investigate whether…
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