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Monthly Archives: February 2013

DOJ Wins $1 Billion Tax Shelter Case Against Dow Chemical.

The Justice Department has won a tax shelter case involving Dow Chemical, in which the company was accused of creating approximately $1 billion in phony tax deductions in a scheme designed by Goldman Sachs and lawyers at King & Spalding. A federal court in Baton Rouge, La., on Monday rejected two tax shelter transactions entered…
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Aother UBS-Related FBAR Conviction!

According to Anthony Parent -- The US Department of Justice (DOJ) scored yet another victoryin its crusade against Offshore tax evasion. Christopher B. Berg of Portola Valley, Calif. plead guilty in U.S. District Court in San Jose, California of one count of willful failure to file, in 2005, the required report of foreign bank account (FBAR)…
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Do You Qualify to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt For Pennies on the Dollar?

Now you no longer need to guess because the Internal Revenue Service has introduced a new tool for determining a taxpayer’s eligibility for an offer in compromise that can help lower the taxpayer’s outstanding tax debts.  The IRS’s new Offer in Compromise Pre-qualifier toolHelps Tax Practitioners determine a taxpayer’s eligibility for an offer in compromise…
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