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Supporting CPAs

Supporting CPAs & Easing Their Burden

Supporting CPAs and Their Clients

CPAs are their clients' most trusted professional advisor. CPAs need to know when seeking assistance outside of their firms that their clients are being handled by competent professionals. Marini & Associates PA has aligned itself with CPA firms across the nation. Marini & Associates PA is a trusted resource for CPA firms. When faced with controversy, you can roll the dice with another provider or call upon Marini & Associates PA, a Tax Law Firm renowned for serving CPAs and their clients.

Easing the CPA's Burden

Today, there is a common complaint echoed across the CPA world: staffing, staffing, staffing. CPA firms across the nation are understaffed and overworked. There simply are not enough good CPAs to go around.

Marini & Associates PA is part of the solution. Marini & Associates PA's audit defense and consulting services can help ease the burden when you find yourself understaffed.

Marini & Associates PA specialized skill and experience nicely compliments a CPA's practice, provides an outlet for excess work in the area of tax controversy and allows you to provide the best possible representation to your client – further building the bonds of trust in your relationship.

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