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Yearly Archives: 2012

US Charges 3 Swiss Bankers in Tax Evasion Case

U.S. prosecutors charged three Swiss bankers on Tuesday of conspiring with wealthy U.S. taxpayers to hide more than $1.2 billion in assets from tax authorities. The three bankers worked as client advisers at a Zurich bank branch and hid certain Swiss bank accounts and the income they generated, prosecutors said. They did not identify the…
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New US tactic for suspected Swiss bank tax cheats – Rueters

Backed by court judges, federal prosecutors are issuing subpoenas -- official papers which compel the recipients to provide potentially damning evidence -- to United States taxpayers suspected of holding hidden accounts at Swiss and other offshore banks, according to criminal defence lawyers whose clients have received the papers. The grand jury subpoenas are unusual in…
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IRS Summons? Meet John Doe.

How does the IRS get on to you, you might wonder? Increasingly, one important technique is the John Doe summons.  It blew the lid off the hushed world of Swiss banking in 2008 when a judge allowed the IRS to issue a John Doe summons to UBS for information about U.S. taxpayers using Swiss accounts.…
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