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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Apple to Pay $38 Billion in Repatriation Taxes

Apple, Inc. said it would make a one-time tax payment of $38 billion to repatriate overseas cash holdings and also ramp up its spending in the U.S., as it seeks to emphasize its contributions to the U.S. economy after years of taking criticism for outsourcing manufacturing to China.    As of last September, Apple had…
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Apple Could Get a $4B Timing Reduction in TCJA's 15.5% Transition Tax?

According to taxproToday, Companies that stockpiled trillions of dollars offshore free of U.S. income tax may get one last break before paying up, provided their fiscal years don’t follow the calendar year. A timing quirk in the tax overhaul that President Donald Trump signed last month may be good news for companies such as Apple…
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