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Monthly Archives: July 2019

How NOT To Handle an IRS Collection Matter

According to DoJ, Wagdy A. Guirguis, owner of several engineering businesses, was sentenced June 28, 2019 to 5 (five) years in prison in Honolulu. On Nov. 20, 2018, a jury convicted Guirguis of:   Conspiracy to defraud the United States along with co-conspirator Michael Higa, Three counts of filing false corporate income tax returns, One…
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Minority Shareholder & President Libel For Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Minority Shareholder & President Liable for Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

A district court has found that the IRS properly determined that a corporation’s minority shareholder and president was liable for the trust fund recovery penalty under Code Sec. 6672. As president, the individual approved, signed, and submitted a variety of tax forms and documents to Federal and state authorities on behalf of the corporation. Therefore, he was…
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