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IRS Program for Employers who have Misclassified Independant Contractors

Employers have a strong withholding and employment tax incentives to classify their workers as independent contractors instead of employees. Such a course avoids income tax withholdings and FICA, FUTA, and Medicare taxes and withholdings, shifting responsibility of such items to the worker.  As such, employers may have aggressively or inappropriately classified employees as independent contractors.…
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JK Harris to file for bankruptcy

The JK Harris company once advertised that it could resolve people's tax debts for "pennies on the dollar," but now it could be the company's creditors and disgruntled former clients who will get less than they are owed. JK Harris & Co. plans to seek bankruptcy protection in Charleston to head off an attempt by…
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Florida Probate & Trust Changes

On April 14, 2011 and April 29, 2011, the Florida legislature enacted several significant changes to the probate and trust code (hereinafter referred to as “legislation”). The bill was signed by the Governor on June 21, 2011. Some of the key sections of the legislation became effective on July 1, 2011 and others will become…
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