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We've all had a new client come in the door and the first thing we want to know is their tax history.

Well, if you know what to ask for, then the Florida Department of Revenue has a specific form that provides a breakdown of taxes the DOR believes our client owes from past filing periods. The breakdown is by filing period and type of tax. This form can reveal issues that even the client didn't know about. 

First, as with any matter before the Florida Department of Revenue, you must have a valid Power of Attorney. Once the POA is in place, simply ask for a Florida DOR Form ZT09.
If you call the DOR and ask for this form, don't be surprised if the person on the other end of the line has never heard of the form.
It is a tool used by auditors to assess what other taxes may be outstanding prior to an audit. Convince them that it is available and don't let go until they find someone that can get it for you.


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