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The IRS Will Be Closed Tommorow May 24, 2013 Due to Sequester.

 IRS has announced that due to the current budget situation, including the sequester, all IRS operations will be closed on May 24, June 14, July 5, July 22, and Aug. 30, 2013. While all IRS offices will be closed, and IRS employees will be furloughed without pay, taxpayers should nonetheless continue to file their returns and pay any taxes due as usual.

Taxpayers needing to contact IRS about their returns or payments should be sure to take these furlough dates into account. This may include taxpayers with returns or payments due soon after a furlough day, such as the June 17 deadline for taxpayers abroad and those making a second-quarter estimated tax payment, as well as the September 3 deadline for truckers filing a highway use tax return.

IRS noted that taxpayers should continue to file their returns and pay any taxes due as usual. That's because the furlough days aren't considered federal holidays, so the shutdown will have no impact on any tax-filing deadlines. However, IRS will be unable to accept or acknowledge receipt of electronically-filed returns on any day it is shut down.

Tax payment deadlines are also unaffected. IRS noted that the only tax payment deadlines coinciding with any of the furlough days relate to employment and excise tax deposits made by business taxpayers. These deposits must be made through the Treasury Department's Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), which will operate as usual.

In the future, IRS may possibly announce one or two additional furlough days if necessary. Further details on the impact of the shutdown on IRS procedures will be available on IRS's website.
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