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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Available IRS Payment Plans – Part I

For the 2019 filing season, the IRS projects that more taxpayers than ever will file and owe. Many will be able to pay – but a lot of them will need to make other arrangements because they can’t pay their full tax bills to the IRS. When taxpayers can’t pay their tax bills, they have…
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IRS Needs More $$$ To Close The Tax Gap

Investing more money in tax administration would result in more efficient tax collection, which could help close the so-called tax gap of revenue lost to noncompliance, federal officials told a congressional panel on May 9, 2019. More money invested in the Internal Revenue Service would lead to more revenue collection and improved taxpayer compliance, the…
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Former Goldman Banker Extradited to US to Face Charges

Malaysia has extradited a former Goldman Sachs banker to the United States for 10 months to face criminal charges linked to a multibillion-dollar scandal. close dialog Advertisement close dialog /* effects for .bx-campaign-948782 *//* custom css .bx-campaign-948782 */.bx-custom.bx-campaign-948782.bx-type-agilityzone .bx-close { z-index: 2;}@-ms-keyframes bx-anim-948782-spin { from { -ms-transform: rotate(0deg); } to { -ms-transform: rotate(360deg); } }…
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