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Monthly Archives: November 2019

BVI Issues its Economic Substance Rules – What You Need to Know?

According to Trident Trust Company the BVI’s Economic Substance Rules, which govern the practical application of the Economic Substance (Companies and Limited Partnerships) Act, 2018, have now been finalized. The Rules were published by the BVI International Tax Authority (ITA) at the beginning of October 2019 and will come into force at the same time as the latest…
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The Netherlands a Tax Haven, but Please Don’t Call us That

According to Foreign Affairs, Dutch officials really don’t like it when someone calls their country a tax haven.In 2009, the Obama administration did just that, naming the Netherlands as one of a number of countries where scores of major American firms had established subsidiaries in order to avoid paying U.S. taxes. In a press briefing,…
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US Expatriation Continues Fueled By Taxes Reporting Penalties & Political Environment

The fourth quarter 2018 citizenship renunciation numbers have been published by the Office of the Federal Register. What these numbers mean and how they differ from recent trends. Why Do Expats Care About Citizenship Renunciation? Every quarter, the Federal Register publishes an update of American citizens who have renounced their citizenship. Citizenship renunciation is an issue…
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Ten Facts About Tax Expatriation – Part I

Has the passage of ObamaCare with its associated additional 3.8% Obama Care Tax make you feel like leaving the country? Or perhaps you're so sick of liberal Democrats trying to socialize the United States by taxing wealthy people? Or maybe you're a naturalized U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has prospered here, but would now like…
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